Rights Respecting School

We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved our Level 1 award and are now a Rights Respecting School!

Regular assemblies have been carried out, which focus on different topics, so that our children are aware of their rights and how to respect each other’s rights.

We teach ‘Rights’ through PSHE lessons, along with other subjects such as History, Geography and English.

When holding fundraising events for charities such as Comic Relief, we discuss which rights are not being accessed and what could be done to change this using the money we have raised.

During June 2017, we completed a themed week titled ‘We’ve Got the Right’. This consisted of many ‘Rights’ activities, including a poster competition where we have displayed the winning entries around our school. Debates took place about which rights are the most important to us, and lessons linked to key events such as Fair Trade World Environment Day, Word Refugee Day and World Day Against Child Labour Day.

Our ‘Rights Squad’ (Steering Group) also hosted an assembly to discuss our ‘Rights’.

For more information, please visit the UNICEF website, or visit our Twitter page: