School Meals

Alderman Bolton Primary Academy recognises that eating in school should be a pleasurable experience which helps children to develop health eating habits. A child's lunch must provide them with the energy and nutrients they need to get the most from their school day.


If you opt to provide a packed lunch for your child, we do encourage you to make healthy choices when preparing this.

As a general principle, we promote healthy, balanced packed lunches. They should consist of:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Unrefined starchy food - for example multigrain bread, pasta or rice
  • Sources of protein - meat, fish, eggs, beans etc.
  • Milk or other dairy foods - i.e. cheese
  • A small amount of fat, sugar and salt
  • Water, milk or juice

Please be aware that we are a NUT FREE school. We have children at school who have nut allergies and would require medical assistance if they came into contact with any nuts. Therefore, please ensure your child's snack/packed lunch do not contain any nuts and check ingredients if you are not sure.

Also, please be mindful of the materials in your child's lunch box. Try to limit the amount of single use plastic and talk to your child about recyclable materials and what they should return home with - i.e. drink bottles and containers.

School Lunch

The Warrington School Meals Catering Service provides our school meals and are available for all children and are priced at £2.60 per day. This is to be paid via Parent Pay.

Our school lunch menu offers children a range of choices, including vegetarian options and alternatives. Each day children have access to unlimited fresh salad, wholemeal bread, water or fresh milk.

All Reception and Key Stage 1 children are entitled to a free school meal.