Bike Club

The motorbike club is available to year 6 pupils. It has been in existence since 2010 and has had success in local and national competions.

The club members work as a team to creatively modify a motorbike. The bike will be entered into the Warrington Wheels Motorcycle Building Competition and the National Youthbike residential competition.

Members are encouraged to:

  1. Make detailed scale drawings.
  2. Produce a design for a vehicle.
  3. Measure effectively and use basic tools.
  4. To customise a bike in accordance with their plan.
  5. To produce a portfolio of evidence and to display their work for a competition.
  6. To attend Warrington Wheels under 18s competition
  7. To attend National Youthbike competition (camping residential)

There are opportunities to develop Numeracy, Literacy, ICT, Communication, Teamwork,

Thinking skills, Art, Photography, and simple mechanics.